Care4Tina is not just famous in the Netherlands. Also abroad, our name is becoming well-known. There are Care4Tina-fans

in America, Canada, Italy and of course China. We would like to keep you informed of the latest news “All over the world”.

david voorCare4Tina's 200th child
April 2015

At the 11th day of our sixth medical mission we have garlands and cake because we have something to celebrate. It is Tuesday, april 28th and everyone is happy. David (An Qing Jie) gets the first surgery of that day, but he is child number 200 Care4Tina will make the difference for. Not only a special day for David, but also for the whole team of Care4Tina. After surgery there is cake not only for the medical team and volunteers, but also for the other kids and chinese doctors, nurses and parents.

David has a double cleft and is 14 months old when he gets the surgery he needs. We hope that because of this surgery David will be adopted soon.

March 2015

We are extremely happy that we again fly with Finnair via Helsinki directly to Xi'an. With Finnair employee Janne Jutila, Country Sales Manager at Finnair, the Netherlands, we have made fantastic arrangements for the baggage allowance. Many volunteers have already packed their two suitcases of 23 kilo each. Janne has also given a good price for the tickets. We have frequently email contact with Finnair and we hope to see Janne personally before our departure at April 17th. Thanks to Finnair for this wonderful service!

2014 nov dr maSpeech therapy
November 2014

During her stay in China, september 2014, Tineke created beautiful arrangements with dr. Ma (picture), a specialized speech therapist, about cooperation in the field of speechproblems children with cleft lip and palates have.

Before children visit dr. Ma for the speech therapy, they will first examine them to find out what kind of speech therapy the children need.

We hope we can start the cooperation in 2015 and that we can send the first children of the orphanage to dr. Ma.


zhing yongAn Zhong Yong and An Qiang Qiang adopted
November 2014

Every medical mission we meet them again; the 8-year old An Zhong Yong (picture) and the 10-year old An Qiang Qiang. Both are operated by Care4Tina twice. When Tineke and Elise were in Xi'an last september, they visited the boys at the orphanage and did their best to get both boys higher on the adoption list. Just before leaving back home again, we were told that An Zhong Yong is adopted by a family in Hawaii. At home we heard that An Qiang Qiang has been adopted by an American family too. We are very happy that they will soon get their own forever family.

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