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2Harm Edens | ambassador
Text writer and presentor of several Dutch television programmes.

Harm Edens: “Harm Edens: “When Tineke and Elise started talking to me in front of nut shop in Zutphen in 2010 and asked me to support Care4Tina, I thought: “There we go again, another good cause.” These days, everybody has something or some organisation to support, the one even more poignant than the other. Misery is everywhere and I can't support everything. So I gave them some tips about how to extend their activities and I thought: “Well done, they will manage.” And that is exactly what they did. Tehy kept me posted about the progress. 

I once tried to count for how many minutes I talk in a week. And how much I laugh. Sometimes I talk and laugh a lot. Maybe even too much. Then I think: “Tomorrow I will talk and laugh a bit less.” I have that choice. A cleft-palate prevents you from talking freely. If you are as unfortunate to be born in a country in which there is no future for you with such a disability, then from birth on you don't have a chance. You are often even doomed.

If you support Care4Tina we will be so grateful. As the more money we collect, the more we can do to give children back their lives.

Through this website and the digital newsletter you can see how the money is spent and how it direct helps children. There is not a better way to spend your money, I would say. It already makes me happy and you too, I think!”

No existence without your help.  NL72 ABNA 0406 9737 25 | BIC ABNANL2A