In order to be able to realise our goals, now and in the future, we need money. Together with sponsors we try to

organise annually an activity which raises lots of money. But there are also companies, organisations and individuals

who take action themselves and collect money for Foundation Care4Tina. This is how we together try to give some

children the opportunity to be operated, so their chances of adoption are increased considerably.

Every two years, Care4Tina organises 'Care4Tina in Concert'. Several artists selflessly perform and the proceeds of this evening naturally go to the surgery of abandoned children with a cleft-palate. 

Artists who performed during the benefit evenings were amongst others Vonder & Bloom, Ruth Jacott, Lee Towers, TCHOM!, Luk Hop Moon, Femme Vocale, Hester Macrander, Introdans, Ralph van Manen, musicalschool Song & Dance, Richard Sprokkereef and the Goodnight Ladies. Present during those evenings are also the members of the medical team from, for example, Rijnstate Hospital Arnhem. Every year this team selflessly operates 30 babies. The evening is presented by Harm Edens, ambassador of the foundation. 

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