Through her job, initiator Elise Niels met a lot of adopted childred from China and wanted to see for herself what the

situation of Chinese adoptive children is like before they come to the Netherlands. In March 2009 she travelled to

the Fosterhome in Xi'an in order to work there as for a month to experience the environment of these children as a volunteer. 

Elise's first introduction to the baby group was intense and emotional. Seeing several babies with a double cleft-palate, hanging in a chair gave her a fright. Then Elise saw a small package rolled up in a blanket on the sofa. It made a sad noise. It appeared to be a weak little human being. The little girl named Tina. Elise promised little Tina to look after her very carefully. Tina had a double cleft-lip and a big cleft palate.

From Holland Elise had taken with her special bottles and patiently Elise taught Tina how to drink from this bottle. Tina was starting to feel better because now her belly got filled up with yummie milk. After a few days Elise received a huge smile as a reward, which was wonderful!

At her return to the Netherlands, Elise now had a life-long and precious memory to look back at. The feeling of love and involvement which was caused by these vulnerable children was overwhelming. Evening after evening Elise talked with Tineke about her wish/dream to support the children in the orphanages in China, now and in the future.

This is the story that lies behind Foundation Care4Tina. On 7 October 2009 the foundation was registered at the Chamber of Commerce. The Foundation was born!

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